Shopping Mall Kiosk Display Factory

shopping mall kiosk

In a world dominated by big retail shopping center, wanting to start own retail business probably feels a bit like vendor. "Why bother? But these days, your small size shopping mall kiosk could build your business. The good news is, retail spending has remained strong through the economic ups and downs.
there is a new business model called"shopping mall kiosk"in many super markets and shopping center.Because it inputs little while earn much, which is popular with many retailers.An 30 square meter shopping mall kiosk can bring almost $200000 sales performance per month, which is twice as much as ordinary retail stores, while the input cost of retail equipment is just half of the ordinary retail stores.Besides, its real retail store is easy to be built, with the feature of flexibility, standardization, jewelry kiosk design, shopping mall kiosk is really your first choice whether you want jewelry series/clothing series/cosmetics series/electronic components series/cell phones series.

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