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We created unique airport shops with the shop design in the duty free shop, furnishings of glass and wood present or other leather accessories. glass shelving exhibits the sunglasses and watches. an understated but high-quality stage was created for the entire duty free range: the products reign supreme.
you must have been to some duty-free shops in airport, and are attracted by various commodities.An special airport shop can always stop your step, lead you to buy favored goods or bring some local specialties for your friends. The airport shops owning good brand image can easily achieve more chances to sell, so the design idea for airport shop is really important. we can supply the brand image design/interior design/commodity display design for the airport shop around the world, and we cam also change the idea to your real retail store. owning 15000 square meter production area, we can make all kinds of airport display cabinets, airport retail store cabinets and airport display stand.

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