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supermarket racks

supermarket racks and merchandising risers are designed to create maximum visibility in commercial stores, at trade shows or other promotional events. Small product advertising stand combines economy with versatility, as the small sizes allow risers to be used singly or together as feature, and are easily moved as needed.
supermarket racks is mainly made of iron, which is of sound construction, heavy weight bearing, its laminate can adjust the height fit to the retail store real area. It is of low cost because the shelves are volume production, the purchase expense of one 1000 square meter retail market is usually lower than $9000. of course, the thickness of the material and the ordered quantity also have influence on the unit price. if you want to have unique and convenient shelves which can also bring more sales chances, then you should need our design team customize for you to satisfy your real retail store requirements,then can also bring more sales performance.

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