jewellery display cabinets

jewellery display cabinets

As the China's leading retail store fixtures supplier. we have multiple design options of jewellery display cabinets for you to choose from. Offering maximum brand visibility for the customer to suit your businesses needs.
jewellery display cabinets are made of high quality plywood, super white steel glass, high lightness LED spotlight, brushed stainless steel. Its workmanship is one kind of the most difficulty among commodity display cabinets. So the price of the jewellery display cabinets is also more expensive than ordinary display cabinets. you can choose the following style of the jewellery display cabinets for your quotation, or we can also design for you on the base of your store actual area, so that we can satisfy your requirement on different retail space

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SS049 jewellery showcase display

Price $500.00

FM Display Cabinet Factory is primarily based around the sale of retail store supplies for displaying your business as well as possible. jewelry display fixtures wholesale,countertop jewelry display cases This fixture type is often one of the most cost-effective ways to display a large amount of merchandise in a small space.

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