what is  Jewelry Showcases?High-end jewelry display cabinet in the boutique retail store!

what is Jewelry Showcases?High-end jewelry display cabinet in the boutique retail store!

Jewelry Showcases

Just off the lobby of the mythical Plaza Hotel, which overlooks Central Park in their cross streets of 59th and 5th Avenue. From the famous hotel at the Eloise books, to mid-day tea in the Palm Court, no hotel in NY - or really most parts of their US - has attained the same level of prestigious celebrity. Stretching back into the glory days of the Silver and Gold Ball and their Edwardian Room, to its existing Harrods esque food court, the resort has kept its luster through several ownership changes. What a fitting location, then, for their jewelry of Misahara, that reflect the bi cultural, well enjoyed and active outdoor life that proprietor Lepa Roskopp leads with her loved ones in Silicon Valley, California. 

Misahara is a combination of their names of every of Lepa's four kids. With a flagship boutique in Montenegro, a professional in Geneva, and the NY boutique, the assignment of the brand is to raise funds and consciousness for the youngsters of their Thimbini school at Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. The unity symbol appears on every bit of Misahara jewellery. The story behind how Lepa found her line of fine jewellery is equally unique. When her husband began to buy her pieces from a number of the well recognized high jewelry homes, Lepa could redesign the pieces with her own jeweler so they looked more inventive and less corporate. 

Finally, her husband gave up and suggested she start designing her very own jewelry. Lepa sought out a master craftsman based in NY to realize her designs, while looking for unusual coloured gemstones on her trips abroad. The places where she lives and travels, with the colour, texture and individual uniqueness of every precious stone, play an important role in her designs. Asking Lepa to identify her favored jewel, she reveals: Each piece that drawing contains their essence and identity of Misahara. There are various variations with this particular ring, that makes it universally wearable for today's woman.". You'll find beauty in almost each precious gem, she continues. 

I am loving tourmalines right now together with their varying hues from soft to intense. Every one reveals a different translucency in their sunlight.". Lepa uses white, rose and yellow gold at her designs. Gold is warm and rich all in their exact same time, and whether it is rose or yellow gold, it accentuates most skin tones and becomes an exotic blend next into their body, she explains. You can put the exact same gold bracelet on two different people and their distinctive skin tone will uncover a contrast in the golden color.". Misahara jewellery has a bohemian side mixed together with a classical side. Mega carat, semi precious gem slabs like those in their Nzari collection are artfully set together with delicate diamonds.

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